5 Best Portable Washing Machines in 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that the secret to avoiding overpacking, especially on longer trips, is to wash clothes while you’re on the road. A lighter suitcase means more flexibility and fewer baggage fees. 

But what do you do when hotel laundry service isn’t an option and laundromats are few and far between?  This is where portable washing machines come into play. While often overlooked, these handy appliances give you a convenient and personal option when your laundry needs are minimal. Whether you’re RVing across the U.S., backpacking through Europe, or spending a couple of weeks on a boat, a portable washing machine will be a game-changer when it comes to keeping your clothes clean and your travels stress-free. 

Portable washers do the same job as their full-size counterparts except they don’t rely on traditional plumbing to function. They typically have an open-ended hose you can use to manually drain, making them ideal for camping and boating. Some units even allow you to use a sink or bathtub as the washing basin — no draining necessary — which gives you even more flexibility to wash your clothes wherever and whenever you need.  


So how do you choose the best portable washing machine for you? First, consider your travels and ask yourself a few questions that’ll help narrow down your options: How long will you be gone? How much laundry will you be washing? Are you limited to a backpack or carry-on suitcase? Will you have access to electricity? 

Whatever your laundry needs may be, we found the best portable washing machines that’ll work in a variety of situations. All of our picks, listed below, have a few things in common: they’re compact and easy-to-use, they come highly-recommended by thousands of customers, and they’re energy-efficient, so you won’t waste a ton of water in an effort to get your clothes tidy. 

Giantex Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine111
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Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine61m25h7U2rL._AC_SL1500_
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Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine519Jz+VgGfL._AC_SL1200_
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DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine444
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Onida 6.5 kg Washer​555
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Giantex Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine


About this item

This multi-tub washing machine is perfect for tackling a lot of laundry in a short amount of time. It holds up to 11 pounds of clothing between both tubs, but the best part is you can separate your whites and colors without having to wait for one load to finish. This machine also features timed rinse and spin cycles so you can drop your clothes in and leave them. But if you want to check in, the dual see-through lids let you take a peek without interrupting the wash cycle. With more than 2,000 positive Amazon reviews, this machine is a fan-favorite.

Like many New Yorkers, Molly Donahue rents her walk-up apartment with a roommate, and doesn’t have laundry in-unit, so she knows that laundry “requires a lot more than simply strolling out the door.” However, according to an article that she wrote for Apartment Therapy in March, all of that changed when she invested a little more than $100 in a “life changing” portable washing machine from Giantex. Though it doesn’t hold as much as a standard machine, Donahue says “what it lacks in capacity, it makes up for in time and not-having-to-leave-your-house-ed-ness” since it still fits a week’s worth of clothes, and runs an entire rinse and dry cycle in 28 minutes. It also is one of the best-reviewed portable laundry machines on Amazon, with over 3,000 five-star reviews.

Our Twin-tub washing machine is perfect solution for doinglaundry in a compact environment. The two tubs, one for washing and one forspin drying will be useful to you. The machine runs off 120v power and willtake up to 10lbs capacity for washing and 6lbs capacity for spinning.

Our machine features a drainage tube which allows you toeasily drain out water. Not only is it effort saving but it is also energysaving. Separate timer control settings for wash and spin operations. Don’thesitate to add it to your cart!

Gravity drain!!

  • 1. Separate belt drive motor for the washer and direct drive motor for the spin dryer
  • 2. The 'drain' function is only for the washer. This means you can use the spin dryer without draining the washer. You can reuse the wash water several times if you're off grid and water is limited
  • 3. Very light weight compared to full sized washers
  • 4. Washer and spin dryer is a big enough for most items except comforters and large bulky, heavy items.
  • 5. Virtually no mess moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and there's no need to squeeze the water out before putting clothes into the spin dryer
  • 1. Cheap, thin plastic case, hoses, and controls. Functional and solid enough but requires you to be gentle
  • 2. Quiet mechanically but even minor vibrations can cause the case to rattle and make noise

Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine


About this item

Say goodbye to the laundromat with SUPER DEAL compact portable fully automatic washing machine, with no hookup required.

It’s great for anyone that lives where larger machines aren’t possible, but also nice for other folks that would prefer to wash certain things separately.

It’s also the perfect portable solution for RV travel or camping, and will allow you to have clean clothes while traveling without breaking the bank, or wasting time searching for a coin operated machine.

New parents, medical workers, and RV-dwellers all say this washing machine is as effective as it is reasonably priced. One reviewer says it washed and spun dry clothes just like a full-sized machine, but at a fraction of the price: “It took six minutes to wash and three minutes to spin dry, and the draining process in this one is real fast.” In addition to a low price tag compared to other portable washers, reviewers say this machine saved them money in the long run. One customer who doesn’t have in-unit laundry says the cost of their wash was getting to be insane. “I saved a ton of money with this purchase and it works just as good, if not better, than a regular sized wash machine,” she says. And, it is durable: One reviewer devoted nearly 2,000 words of praise to this machine, because it saved him from his “disgusting and expensive” apartment laundry room, and after nearly a year of use it still works great. After all, “The washer got my clothes very clean (no smelly pits).” And, although the machine isn’t shipped by Amazon, many reviewers say that it arrived promptly and in tact. One pleased customer got theirs in two days, which they say was much better than the two month delivery window on some other sites: “So incredibly impressed. Arrived last night and I did a load of face towels. I was able to wash 40 at once. It’s half the size I expected it to be yet still holds a ton of stuff inside.”

  • cheap
  • effective
  • easy to use
  • really gets things clean!
  • not intuitive, need to watch video instruction
  • not for big items like towels

Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine


About this item

This compact washing machine packs a lot of punch despite its slim design. The honeycomb-shaped inner tub can hold up to 10 pounds of laundry per load (and if you aren’t sure what 10 pounds of clothing looks like, the support manual comes with a handy reference guide to help you out). It also features a touchpad control panel with 10 washing programs and eight water levels to choose from. It comes with a drain pump you can direct into a sink or tub. This machine even features a “balance adjustment,” which will automatically shift clothing so weight i

It is equally distributed throughout the washer for efficient cleaning, every time.Touted for its slim design,10-pound load capacity, and eight water level options, this customer-loved unit from Giantex is a number one best-seller on Amazon. Customers love the easy-drain function and bonus “balance adjustment” feature that automatically shifts clothing for optimal weight distribution inside the machine. The result is clothes that are efficiently washed, every time. The compact-yet-powerful electric washing machine can be plugged into any electrical outlet before use and also has a sleek digital display, a built-in filter that captures and collects any debris from your clothes while washing, and 10 programs — including an air-dry feature — to choose from, resulting in a seamless user experience. One of the nearly 500 satisfied reviewers wrote, “Loving this little machine, it’s the perfect addition to our RV! Everything has come out clean and smelling fresh.”

DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine


About this item

DMR is a popular and reputed brand in the washing machine industry. This portable washing machine comes with a semi-transparent lid through which you can monitor the washing and drying. The washing machine uses clockwise and anti-clockwise mechanism for washing the dirty clothes efficiently. This mechanism not only ensures the washing of stubborn dirt but also the removal of detergent residue and proper rinsing. The best part is that it does not require any installation and you can un-box and start using it immediately. Due to its overall convenience and performance, it deserves the top spot on the list.

This is a portable washing machine that comes in a compact size for easy fitting in limited space. On top of that, it is quite light in weight for easy movement.

It has single tub construction and a capacity of 3kg which means you can wash 6-7 clothes at a time in 15 minutes. The spin dryer capacity is 1.5 kg, and you can finish it in 6 minutes only. You can wash almost any type of clothes starting from bed sheets and curtains to jeans and skirts.

The overall price of the washing machine is relatively low, and it ensures low electricity consumption along with low water consumption. You can wash and dry your clothes, and there is a separate spin basket available with cover.

  • Low power and water consumption.
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy portability.
  • Does not require any installation.
  • Perfect for single person or babies.
  • One-year warranty with free support.
  • The construction is not sturdy.
  • Not suitable for a family of 3 and beyond

Onida 6.5 kg Washer


About this item

The Onida Washer Lilliput Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg,Lava Red)is a powerful washing machine that is loaded with useful features which help you to save time and effort. The 6.5 kg capacity of this washing machine is effective in dealing with your daily laundry demands with ease. Plus, the compact and sleek design of this semi-automatic machine gets accommodated in a very small space. This appliance comes with a one year warranty. Plus, the powerful features of hydraulic pulsator and effective motor enhance its results and boosts washing performance. Distinctive look and effective transparent top Onida has paid special attention to the design and look of this washing machine. Plus, the transparent lid on the top enables you to see the washing procedure so that you can keep an eye on the clothes as they are being laundered. Easy to move design and anti-rust fibre body The body of the Onida Washer Lilliput Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine has been designed in a way that makes the appliance last long. This washing machine is made up of top quality fibre which is sturdy and durable. It prevents corrosion and protects the body from rusting. Another feature of this washing machine is its compact and sleek body thanks to which the machine can be fitted in any part of your home without occupying much space. It has an effective design which makes it easy to shift thanks to a comfortable handle and knob. The hydraulic pulsator and powerful motor This home appliance has the unique feature of hydraulic pulsator which enables the detergent to penetrate deep in the cloth fabric, resulting in removal of all stains and dirt particles. This appliance functions on a motor that is very powerful. This 270 W motor is designed to provide better flow action for effective washing of clothes. The buzzer facility for reminder and two wash programs The Onida Washer Lilliput Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Red) comes with a buzzer facility. This buzzer informs you to take out the clothes after the washing procedure is completed. Then, there is the option of two wash programs. This option allows you to choose the ideal wash setting for different cloth fabric. Hence, with all these features this washing machine is an ideal solution for you to deal with heavy laundry loads every week. Carefully browse through the terms and conditions to check if the exchange offer is applicable for your city and location details. Indiatoday

  • Anti-rust and corrosion-free material construction.
  • Two different washing modes with different cloth fabrics.
  • Less power consumption with a high spin speed of 800 RPM.
  • One-year comprehensive warranty and 6 years on the motor.
  • Easy return option within 10 days of delivery.
  • There is no dryer available with it.
  • There is no lint filter provided.

Buying Guide For Portable Washing Machine

What Is A Portable Washing Machine?

A portable washing machine is a compact washer which is light in weight. It is designed for small families so that they can wash their clothes in limited space without any prior installation requirement. One can move it from one room to the other with ease for storage and usage. For using the machine, one needs to hook up to a sink for filling and draining water.

The only difference is that it does not need a permanent water connection. There are basically two types of portable washing machines available namely electricity-powered which are mostly semi-automatic and human-powered which are totally manual.

Types Of Portable Washing Machines –

The differentiation between portable washing machines can be done on various parameters starting from loading types or operating modes. Here are the primary types of washing machines you should know about.

  • Top-Loading Portable Washing Machine –

The top-loading portable washing machine is the most common and traditional. They have a hydraulic pulsator or a central agitator that does the laundry work. However, they consume more water and power in comparison to the front-loading ones. Besides, the central agitator does take up some extra space inside the machine due to which the overall capacity is lessened. That is why the pulsator models are more popular and modern as they are a replacement for the central agitator and they do not take up less space. Moreover, they are energy efficient as well as water-efficient.

  • Front-Loading Portable Washing Machine –

The front-loading portable washing machine is a more efficient model which can accommodate more clothes as there is no central agitator. The drum is positioned horizontally, and the speed of this washing machine is higher than the top-loading ones. Besides, it spins the clothes to pull water out of the clothes and put them back. Therefore, the drying effect is much more than top-loading ones where the customers generally complain about getting wet clothes even after drying. However, the front-loading portable washing machines will cost you more than top-loading ones as they save you a lot more on the energy bill in the long run.

  • Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine –

A fully automatic washer is the one that can do both washing and drying, one after the other without any human intervention in the middle. These are single tub washer, and with a single touch of a button, it does everything. It is power efficient and requires the least effort. However, it is more expensive than semi-automatic ones, and you cannot add clothes in between.

  • Semi-Automatic Portable Washing Machine –

A semi-automatic portable washing machine can do washing and drying but needs human intervention. One has to take the clothes out after washing is done and attach the spin basket before putting back the clothes as per the capacity of the spin basket. The only advantage is that they do not need a permanent water connection and you can add clothes in between as you can regulate the wash cycle manually.

  • Pedal Portable Washing Machine –

Now we have entered the realm of manual washing machines. These are designed for travelers to carry with them on their trip. There is no need for electricity, and you have to pedal to wash your clothes. As you pedal, the spinning mechanism takes place. There is now a convenient model available that uses electricity for pedaling automatically.

How To Install A Portable Washing Machine?

A portable washing machine does not require a professional to install it, unlike the stationary washing machines. They come in ready to use packing, and you need to un-box and complete its setup in a few minutes. You should first place it near a water supply. Now, you need to hook it to a faucet and put the plug in the power outlet. You can also plug into a hose from the sink to fill water. Similarly, you have to make some arrangement for draining the water. That is it, and once the washing and drying are done, you can unplug everything and put the machine in a closet.

Advantages Of Portable Washing Machines

If you are confused about whether to buy a portable washer or invest in a full-size stationary washing machine, the following list of advantages is sure to help you take a better decision.

  • Size – The obvious advantage of a portable washing machine is that it is compact in size and therefore, the weight is less. Moreover, due to less size, the floor space required is less and portability becomes easier.
  • Less Costly – A portable washing machine has less capacity, and the motor is small and less powerful. That is why the cost is lesser than that of a standard washing machine.
  • Quality Parts – Just because they are comparatively cheaper does not mean they have low-quality parts. In fact, portable washing machines from top brands have as high-quality parts as you get in the standard washing machine.
  • Power Efficient – A portable washing machines consume as much as 50% less electricity if you compare with full-size washing machines. This is because of the motor which draws less power. Moreover, it consumes less water as well.
  • Install Anywhere – Most of the portable washing machines come with faucet adapter which makes them installable in front of any water sink whether it is a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Cleaning Sensitive Fabric – The standard washing machines are not suitable for sensitive fabric based clothes as they have powerful motor and the cleaning process is harsh. On the contrary, portable washing machines are less powerful, and therefore, they are the best for cleaning sensitive fabric without destroying it.
  • Transportability- Due to its compact size and less weight, you can carry certain portable washing machines in your car’s trunk and use them on your trip to whichever destination you go.
  • Minimal Setup – They come in ready to use state and need minimal installation and have the least setup procedure. You do not need a professional’s help in their installation. Not just that, it does not require any fixed space assignment in the room for usage and storage.
  • Handle/Caster – Some of the portable washing machines have comfortable handles to carry them from one room to another. The heavier models have casters which make them easy to move around on flat surfaces.

Disadvantages Of Portable Washing Machine

  • Low Performance – In comparison to a standard washing machine, the motor is less powerful and therefore, the performance is low. However, the low performance makes it suitable for sensitive fabric.
  • No Dryer Option – Not all the portable washing machines come with a dryer option. This is because most of them have a single tub and the ones with a dryer option; they come with a separate spin basket.
  • Not For Large Family – A portable washing machine is designed for small families having 2-4 members. If the family members are more than that, it is not suitable as you have to wash clothes multiple times. Moreover, the dryer generally has half the capacity of the washer.
  • Changing Parts – Users have to install the spin basket every time they want to dry the clothes. This is inconvenient for semi-automatic models which are common in portable washing machines.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What Is Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

You will find that most of the portable washing machines are semi-automatic. By semi-automatic, it means that the washing machine needs manual intervention at times. In other words, in a semi-automatic washing machine, one has to do the setup and set the settings for drying once the washing cycle is done. This means you may have to take out the washed clothes after washing cycle, drain the water out, insert spin basket, insert the wet clothes and then set the time.

2. How Are Portable Washing Machines Different From Full-Size Washing Machines?

Portable washing machines differ from full-size ones in more than one way. Apart from the portability factor from one place to another easily, a portable washer weighs way less than a full-size washer that generally stays fixed in one place. Besides, the capacity of the portable ones is less than the stationary washer. Therefore, the power and water consumption is also lesser in comparison. Most importantly, portable washers do not need dedicated inlet and outlet pipes, and hence, there is no installation required.

3. How Big or Small A Portable Washer Can Be?

The portable washers are designed to take up less space and weigh less than stationary washer for easy portability. The size of the portable washer depends on its capacity. On average, they are around 3 feet tall, 2 feet in length and 2 feet in width. The weight varies from 15 to 20 pounds which is feather-light in comparison to a full-size washer.
The capacity of the washing machines is measured in kgs, and there are two separate capacities labeled for washing and spinning. Generally, the portable washing machine varies from 3 to 6.5 kgs in capacity in the wash cycle and half of that in the spin cycle. Note that this capacity in kilograms is the weight of the clothes it can accommodate.

4. Is It Really Easy To Move A Portable Washer?

It is quite common for buyers to be apprehensive about whether the portable washers are really portable enough for them or not. But such worrying is not justified as most of the portable washers come with casters that make it easy to move the washers from one room to another with minimal force requirement. Therefore, you can store the washing machine in one room and bring it close to the faucet when you need to use it.

5. Will A Portable Washing Machine Save My Electricity Bill?

Yes, a portable washing machine is likely to consume 50% less electricity in comparison to a stationary washing machine on a rough average. This is due to the use of a less powerful motor, and the capacity is also less which means it needs less power to work with. Not just that, it is going to consume less water, and the water wastage will be lesser in comparison to a stationary washing machine.

6. How To Clean A Portable Washing Machine?

Every washing machine needs deep cleaning from time to time in order to perform at its peak. There are detergent residues, lint deposits, and stains that need to be removed so that it can clean your clothes as good as you expect. Not just that, if the washer is not cleaned properly, your clothes can smell bad. In general, you should wash your washing machine every month if you are using the machine regularly.
To clean a portable washing machine, pour in hot water and white vinegar mixture and run a washing cycle. Then run another cycle with baking soda and water to neutralize the acidic buildup. This should be followed by one more washing cycle with normal water.


As you can see a portable washing machine has all the features and functionalities as in a full-time washing machine. And all this without being bulky! It is a very convenient piece of equipment ideal for bachelors, couples, and small families. The capacity will be ideal for them! Affordability, space management, less power consumption and mobility are its main advantage.

Nevertheless, if you are in the market to buy a portable washing machine in India, our top pick is the DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket. This particular mini washing machine has all it takes to be your washing companion. With a washing capacity of 3kgs, clockwise and anti- clockwise washing and the capability of both washing and drying, it is by far the most efficient and effective machine in this list.

There are also other mini washing machines listed, you should definitely take a look. All of them have their own set of unique abilities that may be perfectly suited for your requirements.

Chosen your perfect portable washing machine? Do let us know of your choice in the comment section below!

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