How to apply Bit locker on Operating System Drive?

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Hey guys nowadays bitlocker encryption used in every place and for using bitlocker there is no need to install any third party software thatswhy bitlocker drive encryption is used at every place and bitlocker provide 256-bit encryption thatswhy its cracking chance is less.
If we use bitlocker password encryption, then it can be encrypted easily but if we want to apply bitlocker on operating system drive then we want to do some configuration because our windows not provide this feature by default. If we want this feature, then we need to enable TPM service (TPM: Trusted Platform Module). TPM this service provides us to a trusted platform because if we apply bitlocker on O.S. (Operating system) Drive after that at the time of pc starting then every time it will ask for a password without giving password we can’t access to our windows.
First of all apply bitlocker on O.S. drive without using TPM service.
Step 1: open your this pc or My computer and after that right click on O.S. drive basically our O.S. is installed in C: drive and after that click on bitlocker.
Step 2:  after that an error will show on your screen that this device is not use a trusted platform module And for apply bitlocker on OS drive enable TPM service.
 How to apply Bitlocker on OS drive?
Step 1 : First of all open Run by Win+R or go to start menu and type there “gpedit.msc” and press enter.
Step 2: click on Computer Configuration.
Step 3: Click on Administrative Templates
Step 4: Click on Windows Components.
Step 5: Click on Bitlocker Drive Encryption.
Step 6: Click on Operating System Drive.
Step 7: Click on Require additional authentication at startup.
Step 8: After that open a wizard and in this wizard firstly click on Enable and after that apply and after that ok.
After all this process TPM service is enabled on Operating system drive. And now we can turn on bitlocker on our O.S. drive for this applying same process.
Right click on Operating system drive and click on Turn on Bitlocker.
After that you will see that without any error the Bitlocker process will be started.
After that this process will same as that we enabled bitlocker to any drive. So don’t confuse and apply same process.
After completion the process of encryption of bitlocker the system will ask you for RESTART. Because this encryption we applied on our Operating System drive.
And after shuting down the PC when the Computer will RESTART it will ask you for a password at that time you will type that password that you gave at the time of bitlocker encryption on Operating System drive. This is not your administration password if you also set any admin pass it will ask you after that password but this bitlocker pass will every time ask at the time of STARTING of PC.

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