How to convert .NRG image file to .ISO image file

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If you find how to convert .NRG image file to ISO image file you are come absolutely right place because we commonly need this software many times for converting the image files because sometimes you will see that at some places we need .ISO file but we don’t have any .ISO file we have .nrg files or other file systems at that time we can’t make a new image file because we have less time at that time we will convert the image file .NRG to .ISO.
How to convert .NRG image file to .ISO image file
We need a software for this which is Power ISO. It is software that we will use for converting the image file from this software we can done most of the works like burn the CD/DVD, Create the image file, Extract anything from any image file etc.
But now we learn how to convert the image file by using Power ISO.
How to install Power ISO
Power ISO
First of all download Power ISO software
                                                           Download Now
Step 1 Double click on Setup
Step 2 Click on I Agree
Step 3 After that click on Install or here you can choose the destination folder where you want to take the installing files of the software.
Step 4 After that click on Next
Step 5 After that Click on close. Here the most important thing is that guys here you can choose the file types from this all of the image files that present in your system will open in Power ISO It’s the most important feature of this software because some softwares provide this feature.
After installing the Power ISO we learn how to convert .nrg file to .ISO file
How to convert .NRG image file to .ISO image file
Step 1 First of all open power iso with double click on the icon that make after installing
Step 2 After that click on Tools here you find more type of options
Step 3 After that in tools click on Convert option because we want to convert .NRG file to .ISO file and also remember friends that from this software you can convert any file to .ISO or any file system.
Step 4  This is the important step guys un this we select the file that we want to convert and give the path where we want the conversion file and type of destination file after this process click on OK .
Step 5 The process will start it will take some time because here the main process of conversion of image file will done.
Step 6 After this all process the conversion process will finish and you will click on finish.
And after finish that go to the destination path that you give at the time of conversion process and check the file version that the file will be converted or not.

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