How to delete Gmail account

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Now deleting your Gmail account is not a so much big task but Gmail (Google Mail) account deletion is permanent its not temporary so that if you want to delete your Gmail account than remember one thing that you can’t recover it and also remember one if you want that after deletion of this account I will make new Gmail account with same name than this is not possible because Google accounts not allow you to use same mail address twice than before delete your account think so that you will never need this account again in future and also think that you never need this mail address again in future.
Now directly come to our point….
How to delete Gmail Account…
First of all open your Gmail account in any browser that you want to delete.
After that click right side of the screen where the photo of your account is present and after that click on Google account.
After that go to data and personalization and scroll down the page and click on Delete a service of your account.
After that click on Delete a service.
After that it will ask you for password because of security purpose and after that click on Next.
After that the server verify you from your details and send verification code to your mobile number that you give in your account at the time of verification.
After verification this type of content will be shown to your screen click here on the picture that is reserved for delete.
After that it will ask you to any alternative mail address I will give here my other mail address that is also a Gmail account and click on Send verification.
You show above image that I give my other gmail account but in this image u show that an error is occurred it will not take Gmail account as an alternative mail address than I will give another mail address that is my outlook mail address and after that click on Send Verification.
After that Click On Got It.
After that go to that mail that you give at the time it will ask for an alternative mail address and at that mail ID a verification mail is received for google open that mail and click on the verification link.
After that a confirmation wizard is open first of all click on yes, I will delete (mail address) and after that click on delete gmail.
Guys this step is very important because after click on Delete Gmail you never access you mail id thatswhy before click on remember one thing that there is not present your important data at your mail is because after that you can’t recover your data.
After that click on Done.
After click on Done your Gmail account is delete.

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