How to delete Instagram Account forever…

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Hey guys, if you find how to delete Instagram account permanently than you are come absolutely right place because nowadays every person wants that in his/her social media account there is no more public added those he/she doesn’t know or the other reason is that sometimes we make two or three accounts for enjoyment but we didn’t know how to delete them. But now guys from our post you can delete your account very easily.
Now directly come to over topic…
How to delete Instagram Account…
Note: First of all guys the important thing that we can’t delete Instagram account in Instagram app. For delete the Instagram account use any browser.
Guys this account I make only for this post thatswhy at this account there is not any post and following and if you want to follow us on Instagram ankitjangraofficial this is our official page.
Step1 Open your Instagram account which you want to delete and go to setting option where the red color mark shown in the given picture and some options will display at front of you.
Step 2 After that choose Help Center from those options because this is a help that Instagram do to us for deleting the account.
Step 3 After that Go to Managing Your Account.
Step 4 After that choose Delete your account guys this is the main option that you select for deleting the account choose carefully.
Step 5 After that Click on How do I delete my account? Option guys here some options are from that you can be confused like how do I disable my account temporarily so choose here carefully.  
Step 6 After that click on the delete your page link that shown in blue color this link will redirects you to the deleting page.
Step 7 After that choose why you delete your account because everything have any reason for that Instagram ask you to the reason for deleting the account and choose here any appropriate reason because sometimes Instagram don’t accept some reasons.
Step 8 After that type password of your account which you give to protect your account Instagram ask the password for security because Instagram don’t know that who use this account Instagram don’t know you personally than type here password that you give.
Step 9 After type the password  Click on Permanently Delete My Account that shown in red color button.
After click on this option one message will display that your account has been removed. We’re sorry to see you go! If this message will display that means your account will be deleted.
After this message you can’t open this account so guys carefully delete your account because sometimes we delete our account only for learning if you want to learn that how to delete Instagram account Please read our post after this you will be able to delete your account permanently and for practice make a temporarily account that you not use.

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