How to Edit PDF without Adobe Acrobat

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If you find how to edit pdf (portable document format) file without using Adobe acrobat or any product of adobe than you are come absolutely right place because now I’ll tell you some pdf editors except adobe acrobat.
PDF (Portable Document Format) nowadays pdf is very important in business line actually not in business pdf is necessary in every field and nowadays it is used in student life and our day to day life because pdf is a safe format for storing any document. Pdf file format is developed by Adobe in 1990s including text formatting and images. We can also make pdf when we are scanning any document or picture or any page.
Now directly come to our topic without wasting time.
How to edit pdf without adobe acrobat
 Now directly discussing about our topic some alternatives of Adobe Acrobat for pdf editing.
        1.    Wondareshare PDF Editor
                                                        Download Now
This is a product of wondareshare company and this product is available for both windows and mac than now need to worry about if you are a mac device user or windows user it is a very simple in use every person can use this pdf editor if you little about computer that how to use it.  Requirements for this product is very less in windows xp or later and in mac also very minimum requirements this product of wondareshare not take too much space or it run in very low hardware.
2    2.    Online PDF Editors
Online PDF editing service is useful for those users who are in hurry and who want to edit or modify your pdf file in less time than you can be use these online editing services. These services are useful because not any hardware requirement and also not use any software. Just upload your document which you want edit but it has less features.
Some Online PDF editing service providers…………..
(i)               Sejda: Create your account on Sejda website and after that upload your document and you can be able to edit them and modify them easily.
(ii)              PDFescape: Same here guys like Sejda first of all create your account and upload document and edit them.
Note: the important thing is the PDFescape is not only for online editing if you wanna be extra features for edit or modify your PDF document than you can also use PDFescape’s windows edition simply download it and use.
3      3.       Google Docs
We use google drive daily but only some person know that the in google drive we can also edit PDF with the help of google docs. Google Docs is an excellent tool for editing of PDF and we can use it in windows, android and tablet this is the best feature that we can use it in android because sometimes in hurry we can be use it on the time of travelling and edit or modify our PDF document.

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