How to lock Bitlocker Drive Manually

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If you find how to lock bitlocker drive manually means without restarting computer than you are come absolutely right place because I also find this trick from somedays and this is very necessary for us because sometime we don’t want to shutdown our PC we want only my bitlocker drive is locked without shutdown or restart and some person say about manully that there is no method to lock the bitlocker drive without shutdown or restart but now we find this trick and come this trick to front of you.
How to lock bitlocker drive manually
First of all set bitlocker to any drive.
How to unlock drive
Step 1 Right click on that drive which is encrypted with bitlocker
Step 2 After that click on Unlock Drive…… and fill here password which you set at that time when you were encrypting the drive with bitlocker
Now the bit locker drive is open.
How to lock the drive
The first method for lock again this drive is Shutdown/Restarting the PC… But this will take very long time……..
Now come directly how to lock bitlocker drive
Step 1 Open Command Prompt with run as administrator…..
See this
That type of window will open
Step 2 This is the main step guys
Type this command in command prompt:
C:>WindowsSystem32manage-bde -lock d: -forcedismount
After run this command look on the drive
The drive is locked without shutdown or restarting the PC.

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