How to make windows 7 virtual machine in windows 10

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if you find how to use windows 7 in latest laptops and desktop you are absolutely right place now a days come new generation laptops and desktop and in these you are not use windows xp or windows 7 properly because for these new generation processors and some peoples want to use windows XP or windows and in this post we will show you how you can use windows XP or windows 7 in new generation processors

 First of all Download VM Ware Workstation Pro
                                   Download Now                                     Mirror link 1
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How to install windows 7 or windows XP in latest generation processors
For this process you want to install a program VM Ware Workstation
First of all, download VMware workstation pro software from given link below and install it
How to install windows 7
Step 1 Click on create a new machine
And after that click on typical and then next you can choose here custom but in typical the software will automatically choose some processes and in custom the user will select manually.
You can choose here anyone option from which you want to install windows
First is installer disc if you choose this option then you will be able to install window from optical drive
2nd option Installer disc image file (ISO) in this option you can choose iso image file that present in your system storage or you can select that image file that you can take any flash drive
And the last option is I will install the operating system later in this option you can choose the operating after configuring the complete virtual machine or at that time when you will begin the installation
Choose here windows 7 or that you want to install
Here you can change the name of your virtual machine
And the 2nd option is very important here you can give the location where you want to save your virtual machine here give that location where the space is available more than 60GB .
Here first is give the size of disk the software will automatically take 60GB space for install windows 7 And the next option split virtual disk in a single file or multiple files here recommended is multiple files but you choose here first option.
Here you can edit your virtual machine or if you was choose the last option of where that I will install the operating system later here you can choose the operating system in this option if choose first option then you will able to install your windows from optical drive or if you choose 2nd option then you can install your windows from ISO image file.
Here you can connect your virtual machine to your physical machine network
After that finish this configuration
Finally after this process click on power on the virtual machine
And after power on the installation of windows 7 will start and you after installation you will able to use windows 7 in your new generation laptops or desktops
You can install win XP,7, 8,10 and also you can install Linux and Macintosh operating systems in your windows desktop.

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